Cape-Fresh Industries LLC is the leading global logistics service provider for the transportation of temperature controlled Sea and Air freight between US, Canada, UK, EU and Turkey into UAE and the rest of GCC.

    We can receive your shipment at any of our locations before onward transportation to UAE air and sea with further transfers, if requires, to all GCC countries. Fulfilling your expectations is our priority; we offer an individualized approach with a range of flexible logistics solutions to meet your needs.



    Fish, poultry, meats, ice cream



    Candies, deli products, confectionary products



    Canned goods, Dried fruit, soft drinks, snacks

    What we offer

    Cape Fresh offers a unique service which allows US-based suppliers to distribute their products to the Middle East.
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    Delivery to customer

    Let us ease the burden with direct delivery of your products to any destination in the UAE.



    ‘ With our UAE storage facilities we can house your shipment according to product temperature regimes for short or long term storage until specified delivery date.”



    ”Duties and port charges will be calculated and discussed based on your individual requirements at the time of order”.


    Shipment clearance

    ”Cape Fresh can handle the whole import procedure on entry into the UAE and will specify any necessary documentation you need to provide in order for us to facilitate this process on your behalf. We are here to make things easy.”


    Product registration with local authorities

    ” As a part of our service Cape-Fresh will handle all your product registration to meet UAE requirements.”


    Transport to Cape Fresh facilities

    ”We will pick-up your product from your location to our consolidation facility prior to onward export to UAE and GCC countries by air or sea freight.”


    International formatting of production and expiration dating (P&E)

    ”Food dating and labelling requires specialist knowledge and experience to ensure the product complies with the rigorous and specific legislation of a particular country. Cape Fresh handles all your P&E requirements according to GCC standards, including Arabic translation.”


    Ingredient and product information language translation

    ”Ingredient and related product information is translated into Arabic using only best in class translators, in order to comply with all necessary standards and give the end-user all the information they want at the time of purchase.”


    Repacking and shrink-wrapping

    ”Cape Fresh prides itself on marrying the needs of the supplier with the needs of their customer. Repackaging can often be required to match a particular brief and we will provide the necessary material and handle the repackaging. During the date labelling process items will be removed from their original packaging and repacked. Additional packaging and shrink-wrapping requirements will be costed at the time of ordering.”


    Export shipment consolidation and warehousing

    We understand that the needs of our clients vary and with our consolidation and warehousing service we offer the flexibility you need every time.

    For our suppliers we can handle shipments for multiple recipients and for our customers we can consolidate and store products from multiple suppliers prior to single destination delivery.”


    International shipment inspection

    Cape – Fresh Industries LLC holds all relevant licenses required at the Cape-Fresh facilities in US, Canada, UK, EU and Turkey to facilitate all the legal requirements   and processes for the shipment of your goods to UAE and all GCC countries.